Bank teller interview at Wells Fargo bank?

Bank teller interview at Wells Fargo bank?

Postby raedanoran » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:49 am

i have experience in customer service for close to 5 years.and this included collecting fees for the services.but it in europe and i never worked in a bank, or do not have experience as a teller.
i applied at wells fargo and they are going to interview me on the phone.i am kind of scared about it, i mean what do you think? i know that i am good with customers and all that and ok with cash handling but i mean with no direct experience, i might not succeed right? do you have any experience of phone s Fargo, please share! thanks
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Bank teller interview at Wells Fargo bank?

Postby kleef39 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:50 am

I used to work at Wells Fargo. As a teller and banker. It was the worst job of my life. I hated it. Wells Fargo is an awful place to work.

Let me give you just a few reasons why.

First, you think you're just going to be a teller? Think again. You will be harassed, threatened under pan of FIRING to peddle checking accounts and banking products to EVERY customer. No, I mean that. Every, single, customer you handle you will be expected to make a sale.

They're just trying to deposit their paycheck? Think again. Ask them if they have identity theft and if not why not.

You see, Wells Fargo sales are called "Solutions." Every teller must have at least 80 solutions per quarter. This works out to two a day. If you don't that, you're written up. You have to have at least 120 to get bonus.

And how much is that bonus you ask? Oh, about $150 - 200...PER QUARTER.

And if you get 119? Sorry, nothing.

For the love of god I am warning you. This is my mission of mercy. If you don't have a job and you simply have to have one, go ahead and do it. If you already have a job, stay at it. I don't care if you're working the midnight sanitation shift at Wal-Mart. You'll like that better than working for Wells.

Also, Wells Fargo is a very corrupt, bullying company, towards its employees and customer.

Let me tell you about what happened to a good friend of mine there. At Wells Fargo, the teller manager is called a Service Manager. Lori was a Service Manager. Lori was outstanding at what she did. She was a great sales girl, scored perfectly on the SOCR (SOCR is Store Operations Control Report - what Wells calls their audits) and was written it up, had her incentive revoked and pay decreased because the tellers working under her didn't sell enough!

If you decide to go through with it, here's what's going to happen. The truth is Wells will hire pretty much anyone. But, what they want to hear is you emphasizing your cash handling, customer service and sales experience.

I've done interviews so I know what happens. They'll ask you a question like, "This is a hypothetical. Bill Smith, a regular customer of the bank, approaches you angrily and tells you his deposit has not posted. He accuses you of mishandling the deposit and causing his account to overdraft. What do you do?"

And the answer they're looking for is something like this, "Mr. Smith, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I would be very angry had this happened to me also. I can assure you that we will research and address this matter as soon as possible, and any fees incurred as a result of bank error will be waived. If you have a few moments can I introduce you do a banker or my Service Manager to resolve this issue?'

Oh my god am I thankful I am out of that place.

Please reconsider.

Sorry for being so long but you asked for my opinion, you got it!
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Bank teller interview at Wells Fargo bank?

Postby amon92 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:52 am

I once did an interview with Wells Fargo. But first, let me tell you this.

In June 2010 I did a group interview with Wells Fargo. The recruiter talked to me about finding open Teller positions in my area. Well, after not hearing much I contacted the recruiter and she told me the position had been filled internally for a branch I applied for. I kept applying for jobs with Wells Fargo and all of my submissions would be rejected one after the other. Finally in October of 2010, I was called by someone in HR. Because they had revamped their hiring process, I had to do ANOTHER group interview even though I had successfully passed the first one four months prior. I successfully passed the second group interview and was contacted about a week later to do an interview with a Branch Manager. The interview went very well and I thought I would be hired for sure, especially since I had two years of teller experience. Well, needless to say I was never hired.

I never did a phone interview with them. Companies make you do phone interviews so they can deem you worthy of a face-to-face interview.
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