Being flown out to go to a "trainee interview"? Do I have the job?

Being flown out to go to a "trainee interview"? Do I have the job?

Postby thurstan42 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:29 pm

I've spoken with a recruiter from HR for this company and have had three phone interviews with him. Ive was also asked to take one of those online psych tests with the weird questions. He says I've impressed him and senior management at this company, and that they are flying me out to their headquarters in 2 days for a trainee interview. Other recruiters from different companies have called me but I've been speaking to this one the longest and am quite confused as to whether I'm being hired or not. I could have easily have gone with other recruiters but this one seemed especially motivated. I just read that many recruiters are paid just to get you in the door and that's it; not caring about whether you really matched the job. I've turned down two other job opportunities for this one and after hearing about this am quite nervous that I was scammed into eliminating my other choices and may not be employed after traveling to this interview.
They are paying for the plane ticket but that's no guarantee that I've got the job right? What's going on? Do I have the job? Are recruiters really thus heartless with job seekers? Please help?
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Being flown out to go to a "trainee interview"? Do I have the job?

Postby inigo » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:31 pm

You are correct. It's just yet another interview - you're not hired yet. (After all, they haven't even seen you in person yet). You're close though - so just relax and do a good interview and I bet you'll be hired.
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