Is Flagstaff Az a good place to live?

Is Flagstaff Az a good place to live?

Postby godwine79 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:47 pm

because i was thinking of living there when im older but from what i hear it has high crime and it is exspenive and not worth it because it is cost more money than it is worth. is this true? are there any good places to live there that are new and not ghetto? Is there going to be any future devolopements in the area that are nice? I also wanted to know some backround knowledge on the town like the type of activities the locals do and the population and how friendly people are ect. Feel free to express any other things you know about the town.
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Is Flagstaff Az a good place to live?

Postby kosumi » Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:48 pm

I have lived in AZ my whole life, and I would not suggest you move to Flagstaff. As you have heard, it is very expensive to live there and not worth it at all (the apartments are very run down and not worth the prices). It's mostly a hippie, college town (not unlike Tucson), and the winters there are terribly cold and blizzard-y. If you want to move to AZ, Phoenix is amazingly fun, huge, and there is almost never any snow there. Prescott is a good small-ish town, but it is mostly retirement age folks who live there. Tucson is terribly dirty, over-crowded, way too close to Mexico, and the inhabitants, as I said before are either hippies or college kids...or both. Hope this helps.
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