Help pleaseeee History a.s.a.p !!!! 10 points best answer?

Help pleaseeee History a.s.a.p !!!! 10 points best answer?

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1. Except for Grover Cleveland's two presidencies, which party controlled the White House and politics in the late 1800s?
(Points : 1)




2. What did Chester A. Arthur want to prevent by signing the Pendleton Act authorizing the Civil Service Commission?
(Points : 1)

using federal jobs as political rewards

avoidance of military service

unsafe working conditions

3. Of the following problems, which was the biggest one that farmers faced in the late 1800s?
(Points : 1)

competition from abroad

crop lien system

high railroad fees

4. Which organization was not formed to relieve farmers' problems?
(Points : 1)

Colored Alliance

Farm Aid

Farmers' Alliances

6. What was the main reason that the Populist Party failed?
(Points : 1)
Members could not raise enough money for expenses.

The party did not look forward to economic and industrial expansion.

William Jennings Bryan no longer supported them after he lost the election.

The Republicans took over the party platform after Roosevelt became president.

7. Which was not a goal of the progressive movement?
(Points : 1)
eliminating political and business corruption

making government more transparent

improving farm conditions

reducing social problems

8. Who led the progressive movement in Wisconsin, where he served as governor?
(Points : 1)
Hiram Johnson

Charles Evans Hughes

Robert LaFollette

Thomas Johnson

9. What were some of Theodore Roosevelt's goals for "New Nationalism" during his presidency?
(Points : 1)
conservation and business reform

antitrust legislation and elimination of income taxes

farm protection legislation and referendum initiatives

professional political managers and monopoly reduction

10. Lincoln Steffens, Ida Tarbell, and Upton Sinclair were muckrakers. What did they do?
(Points : 1)
wrote the first gossip columns for urban newspapers

uncovered and reported on political and business corruption

met with political leaders to advise them about corruption behind the scenes

devised a systematic trash collection system for the city of Chicago

12. Which president believed in an activist government that was a "steward of the public welfare"?
(Points : 1)
Grover Cleveland

William Howard Taft

Theodore Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson

13. What did Woodrow Wilson hope to accomplish with his "New Freedom" government?
(Points : 1)
elimination of foreign alliances

equal taxation across the board

effective government responses to social and economic issues

energy conservation to eliminate dependence on foreign governments

14. Who developed the idea of settlement houses to help women achieve goals that were otherwise unachievable?
(Points : 1)
Abigail Adams

Edith Wilson

Jane Addams

Alice Roosevelt

15. What was the result of the investigative journalism that uncovered corruption and scandal in business and government?
(Points : 1)
Newspaper circulation increased but little else happened.

Reporters like Jacob Riis and David Graham Phillips were elected to Congress.

Government investigations and regulatory reforms were implemented.

Urban governments hired reporters to look for corruption.

16. Which was not one of the progressive measures adopted during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency?
(Points : 1)
opening new national parks and forests

forming the Food and Drug Administration

reforming railroad rates

forging an alliance with Spain
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