History help help help!!!!!!!! easy points?

History help help help!!!!!!!! easy points?

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How was the South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? (1 point)

* Women lost their right to own property.
* Representation was based on population alone.
* Counties and districts were organized into parishes.
* Education became the responsibility of the local governments.

Why did most native white South Carolinians oppose the constitution of 1868? (1 point)

* It denied white males a number of civil rights.
* It was written by blacks and people from out of state.
* It gave the federal government too much control over South Carolina.
* It was not written by representatives from all geographic sections of the state.

How were the carpetbaggers able to influence freed slaves in the South? (1 point)

* They gave them land and helped them start farms.
* They took advantage of their inability to read and write.
* They promised them high-paying jobs in the newly elected government.
* They set up schools that taught blacks only what the carpetbaggers wanted them to know.

How did the federal government’s loss of interest in Reconstruction affect South Carolina? (1 point)

* It returned power to the state legislature.
* It ended the pressure to change the state.
* It reduced the taxes of South Carolina’s citizens.
* It allowed the state to revise its state constitution.

Why did some people question the constitutionality of the tax the federal government imposed on cotton during Reconstruction? (1 point)

* The tax was excessive and unfair.
* The tax only affected one section of the country.
* The federal government could not levy taxes on states.
* Some planters were given preferential treatment and did not have to pay the tax.

Which statement explains why public education suffered during Reconstruction? (1 point)

* The state preferred private education to public education.
* Teachers were not properly trained to do their jobs effectively.
* The general public cared more about recovering from the war than about education.
* Too many previously uneducated former slaves negatively impacted educational achievement.
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