A retaining wall to hold back water?

A retaining wall to hold back water?

Postby galaway » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:34 am

I tried searching on the net but I cannot find anything on this topic. When it rains hard, I have a few inches of water that comes from nearby houses dump into my yard. I tried digging trenches and I do not have a ton of money to spend on professionals so here is my alternative. I would like to build a decorative stone wall. The rainwater is coming in full force into my yard, and if it hits the wall and goes sideways, it would lead right into the street where it is supposed to go.

Looking at how the water flows, you can tell it was designed to flow down near my yard and then curve into the street. However there is a little "hole" in this hill where the water shoots into my yard. I believe a retaining wall would help redirect the water to the street so my neighbor will not get the water in his yard.

Plus I noticed for some reason all of the houses around me are build up on little hills except for mine so that is why I have this problem too. So would a retaining wall about 6 inches high help you think? I will plant flowers in it too so people will think I only use it for decoration. Thanks.
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A retaining wall to hold back water?

Postby tramaine80 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:35 am

I'm positive, considering that 2" plastic edging almost worked , that the concrete you propose will be more that strong enough for what you need, I suggest you remove a couple of inches of the existing dirt so as to give it a bit solider footing and make it harder for water to get under it. The amount of water you have couldn't possibly move a piece of concrete that is 2' long and 6" thick and I envision yours as being between 8' to 14' long, so no problem there.

Hope that helps you , Good luck.
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A retaining wall to hold back water?

Postby faine » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:37 am

The Doctrine of Hostile Waters allows you to safely convey water that comes on your site from others, across your property and dump it on your neighbors.

You wrote "there is a little "hole" in this hill where the water shoots into my yard", can you fill the hole with earth? What if you dig a trench to the street and pile the dirt from the trench along the side to make an earthen wall? Line the trench with plastic and cover with gravel, cobbles etc.

Of course it all depends on how much water you are talking about. A small block wall will work. It will need to be maintained as required.
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A retaining wall to hold back water?

Postby home15 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:39 am

Mr. J Man, Have you thought about putting 2- 5 inch perforated drain pipes under the ground instead of a retaining wall. All you have to do is dig a long ditch to where the top of the 2 perforated drain pipes are about 12" under the ground and go down to the lowest part of your property(street), away from your house or yard. Fill the bottom of the whole ditch with about 2 inches of small gravel and then install the 2 drain pipes. Fill around the 2 pipes with gravel, making the gravel level with the top of the 2 pipes. Lay some straw over the gravel in the ditch. Then fill the ditch back in with the left over dirt. Sow some grass seeds on the raw dirt and use the rest of the straw to cover up the grass seeds. This keeps the birds from eating all the grass seeds. You might have to put some more grass seeds down after a few weeks just to make the raw dirt disappear. I have this same problem with my neighbor. Just a retaining wall without a underground draining system will not work very well. And all the money you spent will be like the water, "washed away"... Hoped this info. helped in any way. Good Luck...
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A retaining wall to hold back water?

Postby otaktay2 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:40 am

First it is required that all home owners control the drainage of their water as not to allow it to travel to the neighbors. You might be able to work with your neighbor PEACEFULLY ( do not want to live near neighbors who hate you) to correct this problem.

No retaining wall will stand with out perpendicular structural stabilizing. I have installed bulk heads on beaches and ponds. As well as retaining walls between poorly graded neighboring yards. Not even the smallest of these will stand up for long with pressure from only one side with out stabilizers. In fact it is dangerous to make one without them as a sudden collapse can cause injury or death.

What this means is that Long anchoring rods will need to pass through the wall and into the back filled dirt for several feet. They can be treated wood, galvanized rods or anything that will withstand contact and burying in dirt.
The best ones I have seen constructed are of old railroad ties. ever so often one is turned out to be burried in the dirt back fill. This is done on the 3rd and 2nd to last rows. More so if the wall is higher than a few feet.

Others creative ideas are creating a CURVED wall. Using Old tires ramed with dirt and filled with flowers tiered they can look quite pleasing when done. In fact an EARTH SHIP is built in such this manner.

There are the new terrace landscape bricks that can be used if employing this curvy method. As long as you do not need to go too hi as the cost can be quite hi.

The last idea I think would serve you well and far cheaper than them all is cutting a proper swell between the 2 properties on the property line. As long as there are no major obstructions this should not be hard. I can meander around anything you see fit and hopefully you 2 can find a compromise.
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