Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby hen26 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:49 pm

I started filling out online surveys because I was trying to make some cash since I couldn't find a job and I had just recently graduated from college. That's why I decided to fill out online surveys since I heard that you can earn some spare cash doing that, money I needed since I was barely paying my credit card and cell phone bills and my loans were almost going to kick in. About a month later after being filling out surveys I receive this email from this "lady" who tells me I was selected as a secret shopper, which I figured MIGHT be true since I saw some of those ads when I was searching for survey websites. I didn't follow their links at the time because it seemed suspicious but I figured that one of the companies felt they trusted me after filling out surveys for more than a month. After I agreed to do this "secret shopper" scheme the person tells me that I would receive two $950 money order checks of which I am supposed to pay myself $200 and send the rest through a Walmart Money Gram store to another person who supposedly was also a secret shopper. As part of the deception, I was required to send a report on the customer service along with a copy of the receipt. So a few days later the checks arrive via UPS like the person said, I go to my Chase bank to cash them but the teller tells me that because they're Money Gram checks they take three days to clear. Three days later I come back and to my amazement they actually gave me the full $1900. So I head to the nearest Walmart Money Gram store and wire the money only to find out the next morning via text alert that my account has been overdrawn $1900. I immediately call the bank but they were clueless and said that I had overdrawn money, so I head to the nearest branch and they tell me that the checks were fake and now I owe them $1900. I was already stressed about barely making my credit card payments and my loan kicking in without having a job to now have to worry even more about paying them back for money they stupidly gave me. How could they be charging me for their own mistake? They themselves said they took three days to clear the checks so how could they not have noticed they were fakes before they handed me the money?
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby lintun » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:51 pm are responsible for every instrument you place into bank deposit. Read your agreement with the bank. they go after you. they vette you and know and can find you. You hold the same responsibility for the people YOU trade with.

Your negligence; not theirs. And in this day and age, pretty much anyone doing this kind of work knows about that scam. Call thje police and repay the bank.

It is what it is
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby lapu70 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:53 pm

By law a bank has to clear a check by a certain amount of time.
As seen in the Clark Howard show this "fake" check can take 6 weeks to come back as bounced, even though it has been cleared by the bank.

The mystery shopper scam is extremely common.
So is any other scam that involves you getting a check and sending money back.
Sorry to say the bank is not at all responsible.
They followed procedure according to the law...
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby fynn77 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:54 pm

Your bank has NO way to know if a check if fake or not. They have to make funds available to you in 3 days whether it's good or not. But when they send those cancelled money orders to Moneygram, Moneygram reports that they are fake. Your bank can't know this before they are remitted to the payee

YOU are responsible for anything you deposit in your account and have to pay the bank the full amount of anything you deposited if it's fake
"Check cashing and account holder responsibilities are the same in all countries:

You cannot rely on your bank, credit union, PostBank, or check cashing store to protect you from counterfeit, stolen, or forged drafts. It's not their job to watch out for you, it is your job to watch out for them. Like you, merchants, banks, and credit unions have the rightful expectation of being given good money.

BY LAW YOU ARE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE AND FULLY LIABLE for any and all checks or money orders deposited into your bank account by you or someone else, and for any funds wired into ANY of your accounts by you or someone else.

Your are 100% liable for any and all funds deposited into any of your accounts by any means whatsoever."

if you could find the person who really sent you the checks, not the fake name they gave you and the fake return address on the envelope, then you could try to sue them to get the money back - but you still have to pay your bank back now. Have you filed a police report already against the person who scammed you?
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby alburn68 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:56 pm

I received a check from a company for the same thing, I took it to a check cashing place and they told me it looked fake, but the only way to know is to take it to my bank it was for $3,500.00. I took it to my bank Wells Fargo deposited it and it showed up in my account 3 days later I was still uncertain and it took about 7 days later and my bank removed the funds and told me it was a fake check, and if I tried to deposit it again they would close my account and file charges against me. I called them and discussed it with them and assured them I would not deposit it again, because now I know its fake. I almost got myself arrested this is a Federal offense. I now am back with a good relationship with my bank. You have to go by if it looks to good to be true it probably is.
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby carlin » Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:58 pm

By law, the account holder(s) of the bank account are 100% responsible for every deposit and debit made into the account.

You fell for a scam. Hook line and sinker.

And now you are paying for it.

By law, the bank can now come after you, yes, you, for the funds on the check that was bad.

Like I said, and other people are saying-

You fell for a scam. Hook, line and sinker.

You really, really thought you could become a secret shopper without an in person interview? No training? No W-2 to fill out? No kind of paper at all to fill out other than deposit a strangers check into your personal bank account, wait three days and send a random stranger money and actually get paid for it?

Yea, right.

You got scammed.
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby wetherby27 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:01 pm

This is such a prevalent scam. It is a shame they don't teach students how to protect themselves in the real world. That should be the FIRST thing they teach. I wonder if you could get a lawsuit going with other recent graduates who've fallen victim to similar scams. There is no way people can know if they are not told.
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Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?

Postby raymon35 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:03 pm

Wow!! Exactly what kind of degree did you get at that college?

You managed to sign on to first the online survey scam and then a fake check scam. It's not the banks negligence. It's your greed and lack of common sense. In the future, you should remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably ain't true.
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