WALL-E science questions!?

WALL-E science questions!?

Postby hamnet » Tue May 10, 2011 3:57 pm

in science, we had to take notes on Wall-E and i wasn't in class for most of it but I still want to get the credit :p help?

Why has the Earth been vacated?

WALL-E's name is an acronym. What does his name stand for?

Why is WALL-E's pet appropriate for a completely polluted planet where no animal can really survive?

What is WALL-E's job on Earth?

Mr. blahblahblah and WALL-E wake up very similarly in the morning. How does WALL-E get his energy for the day?

What is WALL-E's "girlfriend's" name? and what does it stand for?

How many years was the AXIOM mission supposed to last? How many years did it actually last?

WALL-E must get back to Earth for his own reason, what is it?

The director of the movie had another, more scientific idea in mind for the humans on the spaceship. Not so much the depiction of future humans, who are apparently a fat, lazy, junk food-eating indictment of modern American culture?

There are 3 types of pollution; ground, air, and water. Pick 2 types and tell how they were shown in the movie.
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WALL-E science questions!?

Postby lawson44 » Tue May 10, 2011 3:59 pm

wouldn't it be better if you watch the movie yourself? i can answer a few
why the people left earth?
1) cause the poeple over did it with the air and wasn't liveable for humans.
2) dont know what walle stands for
3) it was a cockroach which everyone thinks they will outlive even if we were really gone
4) he picks up garbage and compacts it. doesn't show it where it puts it just piles it up.
5) think her name is eve
6) think 100 or so years but were actually gone few hundred more like 500 i think
7) think to show the humans and the computer on the ship that life has returned and he wanted to show them more proof. all he had was the little plant was growing. so think they needed more proof.
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