Ways to save money horse showing?

Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby rygecroft » Tue May 10, 2011 6:23 am

I have been showing a couple years and now that im at a way higher level, i want to show more and bigger shows and with the way things are it hard for everyone. What are some ways you can save money? or ways you guys do? I mean Ive tried a couple things, but getting other ideas help.
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Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby renato » Tue May 10, 2011 6:24 am

I have a few tips for you

At horse shows:
- Bring your own food, snack bar food isn't that expensive, but if your planning on showing continously (every weekend), the money adds up.
- Always mail in your entries, most of the time you save money on classes!
- Choose classes wisely. I'm not saying don't challenge yourself, but don't spend all your money on classes that have 50 people in it, instead go for smaller classes, or those you know you have a good chance at winning.
- If you have a horse trailer, try to get a friend to bring their horse with you, and split the costs! If you don't have a trailer, look around to see if you can catch a ride with another person showing, and split gas money. Same goes with sharing a hotel room.
- Unless you NEED one, or you are extremely inexperienced, don't bring a trainer. There day fees are usually ridicoulous and most of them bring other students to show too, so they're attention is not always on you.
- If it's an overnight show, and have a friend who lives locally, see if you can board your horse there for the night.
- If you have to braid manes/tails, start practicing yourself (via youtube videos), and soon enough you won't have to pay $150 for the grooms to braid them. Same goes with body shaving.
- Bring your own feed/shavings if it's an overnight show. Show grounds often charge you loads of money for shavings
- Look at the 99 cents store, or the dollar section at Target for washcloths, spray bottles, brushes, tack totes, etc.
- Look around consignment horse stores for used show clothes

It's not much, but it might help. :)
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Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby orbart49 » Tue May 10, 2011 6:27 am

When it comes to saving money with horse shows, you really can't do a lot, especially in the higher circuits. Generally the best way to save money is to go through a list of pros and cons for each show and decide if you REALLY need to go. Ex. if they don't offer a good amount of classes in your division, or if you might not place in classes, pass on the show. In the spring try limiting yourself to schooling shows until the summer hits and the real competitions begin. Those are just a few things, however, good luck in your showing!
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Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby harold » Tue May 10, 2011 6:28 am

Do NOT give into the pressure trainers and everyone puts on you to buy everything, at least, that was my problem. Coming from a nice show barn with a bunch of snobby rich people, my trainer expected us to pay for a groom and to get my horse re-shod to aluminum before the show and get this shock treatment done blah blah blah. she was so used to all the rich people doing it that she did not even ask us the first few shows i went to. So you reallly need to be on top of the things you really NEED, not just what everyone else does
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Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby ralf » Tue May 10, 2011 6:29 am

Dont buy new tack every show season. If you take good care of it it can be used for training AND showing.
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Ways to save money horse showing?

Postby fredric51 » Tue May 10, 2011 6:32 am

When it comes to show season, now that I'm older and I'm in the higher levels, I normally create a budget of how much money I am going to spend during the show season. It also helps if you have a job while you are doing shows. Many people at shows I attend pay a bit of extra money to get their horse groomed and braided etc. just so they are ready for the show. If you know when you are performing then you can schedule a time to help other people with their horses during the time you would normally wait.

But the budget is the most important things, when trying to save money, you have to discipline yourself not to spend. Those weekends when your friends want to go shopping, well, if you are strong enough you can go and just look, but if not, try and decline so you can save that money. I know people sell stuff at horse shows, resist buying. Do not even bother going over to look because 9/10 times you are going to find something you like and "need" to have.

However, you can try and sell some stuff as well. Can you make horse related jewelery? You can make homemade horse treats and sell them at the show, to others. You can help people clean out their horse trailers...etc. The list goes on, the one you have to be is dedicated to not spend. If you have trouble doing so have a friend or family, or even your trainer, hold your money for you during shows so you cannot spend no matter how tempted you are.

When it comes to buying new tack or other things needed for show like clothing, do not keep the old stuff if you aren't using it anymore. That show shirt that hasn't fit you since training level? Sell it. Sell stuff you know you don't use anymore whether at the shows, or online. That will put extra money into your pocket.

Also, if you want to really save, take care of your tack and clothing. If you know, you are done growing, take care of that show jacket, those tall boots or whatever you ride in, keep them clean as long as you can, take care of your equipment. Take care of it like it was your child and then you won't have to buy new stuff every season.
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