1. Which action on the part of the progressives had the LEAST immediate effect on South Carolina?

1. Which action on the part of the progressives had the LEAST immediate effect on South Carolina?

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I was in a really bad car accident and just got out. Fail behind in some classes, just trying to catch up and have better grades.Thanks! :)

1. Which action on the part of the progressives had the LEAST immediate effect on South Carolina? (1 point)
ending child labor
ending business trusts
outlawing the use of alcohol
extending suffrage to women
2. What was the minimum age for children to work in factories according to the first South Carolina law to address child labor? (1 point)
10 years
11 years
12 years
13 years
3. How many years after the amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensuring women’s right to vote went into effect did the South Carolina legislature ratify that amendment? (1 point)
14 years
28 years
37 years
49 years

4. url_not_allowed.tinypic.com/evdpbc.jpg

What is the subject of the political cartoon? (1 point)
the Civil War
the suffrage movement
the temperance movement
5. What caused the United States to enter World War I after three years of neutrality? (1 point)
Germans attacked Pearl Harbor.
Germans treated prisoners of war harshly.
German submarines sank U.S. merchant ships.
Germans were close to developing an atomic bomb.
6. What action did Governor Richard Manning NOT take to prepare South Carolina for war? (1 point)
He secured military training facilities.
He encouraged residents to purchase Liberty Bonds.
He improved transportation and communication facilities.
He began a rationing program to preserve food and resources.
7. What county in South Carolina with a large population of German ancestry opposed World War I? (1 point)
8. How did World War I impact South Carolina’s economy? (1 point)
South Carolina established new industries that supported the war effort.
South Carolina profited from the increased demand for cotton and food products.
South Carolina’s work force declined due to the number of men who left home to serve in the military.
South Carolina lost money because of the disruption in trade caused by the German submarines.
9. What candidate for president of the United States ran on the platform of returning the country to “normalcy”? (1 point)
Calvin Coolidge
Warren G. Harding
Theodore Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
10. How was the Ku Klux Klan that was revived in the 1920s different from the original organization? (1 point)
It targeted groups other than blacks, e.g., Catholics.
It opened its membership to a larger group of people.
Its members disguised themselves by wearing hoods.
It used a burning cross as a way of frightening its victims.
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