I'm writing a letter for late withdrawal from my chemistry class...does it sound convincing?

I'm writing a letter for late withdrawal from my chemistry class...does it sound convincing?

Postby zach » Sun May 01, 2011 10:17 pm

When I meant convincing...does it sound like a valid reason I described in it? Everything I describe in here is true, I didn't make up anything.

To whom it may concern:
I am writing this to request a late withdrawal from my chemistry class. I’m a freshman, and toward the middle of my first fall semester here, my father lost his second job. My parents are divorced, and my mother has been hospitalized in a mental institution for the last 7 years. She does not pay child support. This left my father to work two jobs to make up for the loss of a 2nd income.
With the scholarship money I received and the income of my father’s second job, I thought I would be able to pay my college tuition. We did not anticipate on my father losing his job. Since then, this has put a huge financial burden on our family. Such as, we spent this past winter without heat and couldn’t afford to buy groceries at times. This is the reason why my father cannot help me pay my tuition. I was left to fend for myself. Toward the end of the fall semester, I started working two jobs…in hopes of meeting my financial obligations to the university.
I did this through out the entire spring semester, and continue to do so now , as well. I work two part-time jobs, the equivalent of a full time job, this, and in addition to being a full time student this was taking a toll on my academic goals: I started to perform very poorly in my Chemistry lab class, a subject that I already struggle with. More time spent working, and less spent studying was not helping the situation.
The reason I did not see the need to withdraw earlier was because I was not aware of one of the Chemistry Department’s rules. Here, it is required that students who take a lecture class must take lab. If the student fails lab, then the student will fail the course. This is the situation I am in. I’m doing well in my lecture class, but think I will end up failing lab. If I fail lab, I fail the course. I’m trying to avoid this situation, as I have a scholarship; and getting a poor grade such as an F will result in it being revoked.
I realize both my academic and financial obligations to the university are equally very important. To prevent myself from ending up in the same situation again in the future, I plan to work full time over the summer and winter breaks. This way, I will have the money I need to pay for my tuition at hand, and can focus all of my time and energy om my school work for the fall and spring semesters; without having to waste over eight hours of my day working, and being left with very little time to do my school work.
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I'm writing a letter for late withdrawal from my chemistry class...does it sound convincing?

Postby cuithbeart42 » Sun May 01, 2011 10:19 pm

Yes it is much better but make it a little bit short and simple.
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